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SaaS Cloud

12-21-16 8:56 AM by HOMEID
SaaS Cloud

Benefits of SaaS Cloud Storage Systems

For decades, in order to utilize powerful software whether at home or in the office, you had to pay an obscene amount of money, sacrifice computer storage space, and wait for hours for it to download onto your device.

Today, we have SaaS cloud storage systems such as HomeID that are absolutely free, incredibly powerful, and do not have to be downloaded, as the software is accessible via the internet.

HomeID is a SaaS cloud storage system that provides more home organization and storage solutions than any other home management site available. HomeID provides you with connected smart home technologies, home inventory and warranty tracking, maintenance and project logging, licensed contractor search and much more all via a free secure cloud-based platform.

What is SaaS in Cloud Computing? SaaS cloud computing storage system

At this point, you have learned that a SaaS cloud computing storage system is often free, can be accessed via the internet, and is the modern alternative to downloading physical software.

But what exactly is a SaaS and why would you want to utilize one? 

SaaS is an acronym for software as a service. Companies are able to provide software to their customers via the cloud on an online site that is just as powerful, yet far more convenient than traditional disk software.

With a SaaS like HomeID, you are able to access your files while on the go, without having to worry about updating your software or taking up an extreme amount of storage space on your computer.

How Does SaaS Cloud Storage Work?

SaaS cloud storage systems allow customers to utilize complex software via the cloud using the internet.

Although the term may sound intricate, it is nothing more complex than logging onto Dropbox, like many of us are accustomed to in this day and age. 

But what sets Dropbox and HomeID apart?

Dropbox has the same file folder storing and labeling structure as your desktop computer. The only difference is that your files can be accessed while on the go via the cloud and can be easily sent to others.

HomeID on the other hand, focuses specifically on home files and is designed to not only make it easier to find your files, but also to encourage safety and comfortability in your home.

In order to access HomeID’s SaaS cloud storage system, it is as simple as visiting our website at and creating a free account. Once your free account has been created, you are able to easily navigate the dashboard on your account portal and begin to upload important content and paperwork that pertains to your home.

HomeID’s interface has been designed in a way that makes document management and retrieval a breeze!

Keeping track of your home inventory? Create a new Space such as one for your living room and capture photos along with product descriptions and warranties straight from your computer or smartphone.

Need help repairing your broken dishwasher? Search for a local licensed contractor straight from your HomeID account and save their contact information for later.

Top 8 Advantages of Cloud Storage Systems

HomeID brings to you the top eight advantages of SaaS storage. Utilizing a SaaS cloud storage system is not only affordable, but it automatically updates it’s software, can be accessed while on the go, does not take up computer storage space, is compatible with other systems, backs up your information automatically, makes collaboration and the distribution of files easy, and keeps your paperwork safe and secure.

Take a look at the following as we will expand on each of the benefits of SaaS cloud storage systems like HomeID:

Advantage #1 - Affordable

HomeID’s SaaS cloud storage system is absolutely free! In the past, software this complex would be sold exclusively as a hard disk and require you to download it onto your computer hard drive. Updating your software often required you to pay for updates or expansion packs. HomeID, on the other hand, will always be free!

Advantage #2 - Automatic Updates

No more having to wait an hour for your software to update on your computer.

No more having to restart your computer in order to utilize your updated program. 

Being a SaaS, HomeID is updated and regulated by our very own HomeID team!

Allow us to do all of the hard work. All we ask of you is to take advantage of the benefits we have to offer to your heart's content!

Advantage #3 - Access While On the Go

Since HomeID is accessed via the internet and utilizes a secure cloud-based storage system, your home files can be accessed from your mobile device at any time.

Save product warranties and furniture specs in real time as you depart from the store. Reference the dimensions of your bedroom in order to purchase the perfect sized desk and much much more!

Advantage #4 - Storage Saving

Whether you are saving physical space in your file cabinet or the memory capacity on your desktop computer, utilizing the secure cloud for your storage is the most convenient method of digital storage available.

Advantage #5 - Compatibility

HomeID is compatible with all computer software and systems. Whether you are utilizing an iPhone or Android, a PC or Mac computer, if you have access to the computer, HomeID will work just right for you.

HomeID has also been designed to be as user-friendly as possible to ensure that no extensive learning curve is required to organize and retrieve your important home files.

Advantage #6 - No Back-Ups Needed

By utilizing the cloud, HomeID is able to ensure that all files, photos, and paperwork that are uploaded will be there when you return. No need to worry about constantly backing up files and worrying about them going missing.

Advantage #7 - Easy Transfer of Files

Being on the internet, HomeID makes it not only easy for you to upload files, but it also makes it easy for you to send files to others. One major example would be sharing your home inventory files with insurance companies to file claims on lost or damaged furnishings from a disaster.

Advantage #8 - Security

HomeID utilizes a cloud-based storage system that is guaranteed to be 100% secure and private from the outside world. Going this route allows you to ensure that your files are safe from computer hackers tapping into your desktop files or from a flood or fire damaging your physical paperwork.

Customer Reviews – Why People Love HomeID

  1. “Before I created a HomeID account I had no idea what to name my files on my computer to be able to find anything later. Now everything is so clear.” – Jennifer G., Corona, CA
  1. “Keeping track of your home inventory is so important. People do not realize this. HomeID is what made me finally do it and it was far from a pain in the neck.” – Tina Schuller, Boulder, CO

Get HomeID – (Psst, It’s Free!)

HomeID is a home cloud storage SaaS that provides homeowners with everything they need to ensure that all files and tasks relating to the home are both organized and secure. Our home management platform offers connected smart home technologies, home inventory and warranty tracking, maintenance and project logging, licensed contractor search and much more, all in one convenient place all entirely for FREE.