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Programmable Thermostats

01-04-17 2:53 PM by HOMEID
Programmable Thermostats

Save Money, Save Energy, & Go Green with a Programmable Thermostat

With the rise of technology in this day and age, it seems as though all the household appliances we once knew, now have touch screen and wifi capabilities.

Anywhere from the blender, to the oven, to the TV - everyone is in search of the next big thing.

One household appliance that seems to be a bit late to take on this trend, however, is the household thermostat (you know - the beige box anchored to your wall that you cover with a painting and avoid on hot summer days).

But why would anyone care to invest in a touchscreen wifi programmable thermostat? Surely they are more aesthetically pleasing, but that is just a bonus, as the benefits they bring are far from a trend.

Programmable thermostats are capable of saving you money, saving energy, and reducing your carbon footprint substantially.  

What is a Programmable Thermostat?

Programmable thermostats prominently emerged in the market in 2011 with the intention to help homeowners both save money and live more comfortably.

There are a number of competing brands available for sale that contain varying functions. However, for the most part, programmable thermostats are touch screen, allow you to pre-program their temperature on a by time and by day basis, connect to wifi, and have an accompanying smartphone app that allows you to make adjustments even while on the go.

Some industry leaders, to name a few include: Nest, ecobee3, and Honeywell. However, each device contains different features, which makes it difficult to pinpoint which is truly the best programmable thermostat available.

In addition to these three brands, companies such as Lux have created the programmable outlet thermostat. The difference here is that the Lux device will allow you to program your thermostat wirelessly for portable A/C units and not just for permanently installed units.

What are the Benefits of a Digital Programmable Thermostat?

There are a number of reasons why a homeowner should consider switching over to a programmable thermostat.

The main five benefits that they provide is that they will 1) save you money, 2) save energy, 3) provide controllable options via an app, 4) promote ultimate comfort, and 5) demonstrate the ability of assuming a smart regulatory routine.

Benefit #1 – Save Money

If a programmable thermostat typically costs between $100 – 200, how could it possibly save you money?

The essence of the programmable thermostat, is that the device is to be programmed to turn off when all residents are out of their home and to be on at desirable temperatures (depending on weather and preference) while the residents are in their home. They say that on average, homeowners spend $600 on A/C a year.

Meanwhile, companies such as Nest explain how utilizing a programmable thermostat has the ability to save homeowners up to $180 on A/C a year.

This would mean that the programmable thermostat would pay itself off in as little as 1-2 years!

Benefit #2 – Go Green! Save Energy!

By monitoring your A/C usage, you are not only creating a more comfortable environment for you and your family, but you are also saving energy by programming your device to be off while you are away, warm when it is cold, and cool when it is hot.

Programmable thermostats are also considered to be green thermostats, as they act to make it so that you will never miss a beat in maximizing energy efficiency.

Benefit #3 – Controllable Via an App

Many programmable thermostats come with a free app that allows you to operate your unit via wifi both in your home and while on the go.

Hot day and you left the dogs inside? Switch on your A/C while you are at work to maintain peace of mind! Chilly night but you do not want to go downstairs to turn the heater on?

You have the option to turn it on straight from your phone while lying in bed.

Benefit #4 – Comfort

Programmable thermostats provide homeowners with comfort in a number of ways.

Nobody likes coming home to a stuffy room on a hot summer day.

Turning on your A/C 10 minutes before arriving will allow you to enter the perfect environment.

Being able to turn the thermostat off or on while on the go to accommodate loved ones left at home also brings you peace of mind knowing that everybody will be comfortable.

Benefit #5 – Smart Regulation

Programmable thermostats, such as Nest, have smart regulatory technology that catches on to your daily routine and even have sensors to see if someone is present in the home.

The device will operate to its ultimate efficiency and provide homeowners with exceptional comfort 365 days a year.

HomeID Integration

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Having all of these apps takes up space and utilizes an abundance of the memory on your phone.

HomeID has the capability of syncing all of your smart home apps right onto your HomeID account so that you may access them all in one place via the cloud.

This way will help you avoid switching off between them all via apps on your phone. This promotes efficiency, safety, and comfortability for your home all at once!

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