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Paperless Filing Systems

11-21-16 9:56 AM by HOMEID
Paperless Filing Systems


Why Should You Go Paperless?
Going paperless seems to be the way that everything is headed these days, and for good reason. Why should you go paperless with all of your home-related files? All industries are continuously searching for ways to help solve everyday problems through the use of technology, and the home filing and document management world is no different.

HomeID aims to do just that, solve your organization problems with advanced technology. HomeID utilizes a secure cloud-based storage database that allows homeowners to seamlessly go paperless with all of their important home files. This advanced paperless technology takes you beyond the capabilities of your average PC file drive.

HomeID is not just a storage database that can be accessed via the cloud, HomeID is a fully-integrated tool that promotes paperless organization, paperless documentation, and overall user-friendly efficiency. The platform is designed to aid the user in building an intuitive profile of their home to allow easy access to important home files.

Benefits of Going Paperless
People across the planet have been going paperless for years, but just how safe is it to utilize a paperless filing system? Why is this so important? Is going paperless just a “go green” trend, or does it provide actual benefits to the end user?

HomeID is here to shed some light on this subject. We at HomeID believe that it is extremely important that homeowners go paperless with their vital home files. That is why we developed our site to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, ensuring that the process of going paperless at home won’t cause a headache.

Below you’ll find seven of the most valuable perks to going paperless:

Perk #1 - Get More Organized
Everyone knows that life is easier when you are organized. That is why Henry Brown invented the filing cabinet in 1886. Although filing cabinets are great for getting organized, they withhold an abundance of organizational limitations - especially in this day and age.

The key to keeping your home files organized is making sure your files are easy to access and are all in one convenient place. The problem with this is that filing cabinets run out of space quickly and can end up hiding your important files in manila file folders.

In addition, in order to get any photos of your home inventory into a filing cabinet, you will have to invest in printing and physically filing the photos in folders. What about important home-related contacts such as the children’s babysitter or the home plumber? Not many people use Rolodex's these days!

For those of you that have already taken the steps to go paperless by saving important photos and files to your computer desktop, you may be wondering what added value HomeID has to offer in terms of a paperless filing system?

It’s simple: computer files are almost as limited as physical filing cabinets. Although this approach is more “green friendly”, easier to search through, and saves space - generic computer drives do not possess the same segmented graphical organizational structure that HomeID has to offer. Your computer drive also cannot compare to a secure cloud-based storage program that can be accessed even while on the go.

Perk #2 – Increase Security
HomeID utilizes a guaranteed secure cloud-based storage database to hold all of your important home-related files. This provides you with peace of mind knowing that no physical files or information stored on your computer hard drive can be tampered with. Additionally, having your files stored in the cloud ensures that your documents will be protected from any possible fire or flood incident.

Perk #3 – Mobile Uploads and File Retrieval
Going paperless with HomeID allows you to upload and refer to files via your mobile device. Why wait until you get home from Best Buy to save the record of the warranty attached to your brand new flat-screen TV?

Why fetch the family wide-lensed camera when you can simply snap shots of your home inventory using the camera on your mobile phone and upload them to HomeID in seconds? Now you can refer to the dimensions of your home while at the home improvement store or attach photos of your sales receipts while on the go for ultimate efficiency.

Perk #4 – Easy Reporting and Online Distribution
Many stores these days including Apple and Nordstrom offer the option to have your sales receipt sent to your email as opposed to being printed. Not only does this save room in your wallet and filing cabinet at home, but it also allows for an efficient mobile upload onto your HomeID account.

Found a useful product manual for your refrigerator online? Don’t print it, save it on your HomeID account within your kitchen “space” for easy retrieval later. Involved in an unfortunate house fire? Have your paperwork all ready to go on the cloud to be easily distributed to your insurance company for quick and accurate claims.

Perk #5 – Save the Trees
Trees provide us with oxygen, prevent erosion, offer shade and shelter, and much more. Why cut down trees when there is a planet-friendly alternative available for file storage?

Perk #6 – Save Room
Your home is one of your largest assets. Many of the furniture items, appliances and technological devices in your home are also of great value. This is why it is important that homeowners hold onto maintenance guides, instruction manuals, warranties, etc. All of this paperwork and documentation can really stack up. Remove the eyesore from your home and save space by going paperless.

Perk #7 – Save Money
Eliminating paper actually allows you to save paper. Reduce the amount of printing you are doing by uploading all of your important home documents onto HomeID’s secure cloud-based storage database. Save money on purchasing computer paper and printer ink on a regular basis, all without having to sacrifice easy access to your documents.

But perhaps most importantly, HomeID provides these convenient organizational features to you absolutely FREE.

Customer Reviews - Why People Love HomeID
“My husband was convinced that he was ahead of the game by uploading all of our sales receipts and product warranty documents on our computer in conveniently labeled folders. Last year, however, our computer crashed and we literally lost everything! We quickly searched for an alternative and HomeID has provided us with everything we were looking for and more.” – Jade Mendoza, La Jolla, CA

“I use HomeID every single day. The site is set up in a way that even my lazy self has become an organizational wizard.” – Jamie Walik, San Clemente, CA

Get Organized with HomeID
HomeID is on a mission to provide the most user-friendly and efficient home management platform for homeowners. We are extremely passionate about getting organized and protecting ones investments. That is why we have created a tool that offers connected smart home technologies, home inventory and warranty tracking, maintenance and project logging, licensed contractor search and much more, all for FREE in one convenient place.