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Home Filing Systems

09-14-16 3:12 PM by HOMEID
Home Filing Systems



What is a Filing Management System?

A home filing management system is the best way to keep track of and gain convenient access to all important files pertaining to your home.

While each household pursues their own approach to designing a document storage system, everyone understands the benefits of going paperless and tracking files digitally.

By utilizing file organizing software like HomeID®, you can efficiently protect, record, track, and retrieve vital home records on a secure and customizable platform from any location, at any time.

HomeID lets you save time and space by storing information regarding warranties, manuals, home insurance, product and service receipts, etc. in one convenient place that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Our digitalized home filing management system is the best filing system solution for the home, as it allows you to readily access photos and paperwork for anything spanning from day-to-day tasks to filing insurance claims in case of a loss or emergency.


7 Benefits of Home File Management Systems 

Home filing management systems offer exceptional benefits to organization and convenience, as they are the most efficient and convenient file tracking process for homeowners. Here are seven of the top benefits offered by HomeID’s digital file management solution:

  1. Streamline Insurance Claims Filing
  2. Go Paperless
  3. Improve Efficiency of Refurnishing
  4. Store and Access Home-Related Contacts
  5. Organize Home Maintenance
  6. Manage Home Improvement and Remodeling Projects
  7. Track Taxable Donations


Benefit #1 - Filing Insurance Claims

By keeping track of all items and paperwork pertaining to the home within HomeID, you’ll be able to file insurance claims at ease, especially in times of a disaster or emergency.

HomeID’s home filing management system allows you to timestamp documents and photos, providing a detailed and accurate track record of the condition of each room, item, or space in your home. Now you can efficiently track expenses to offset your deductible or show true replacement costs. HomeID’s step-by-step guide to creating claim reports is also especially powerful for people who’ve never had to do it before.


Benefit #2 - Going Paperless

In today’s day and age, all systems are going paperless. Not only is this good for the environment, but it also makes it easier to carry photos and files with you all on one convenient and secure cloud-based application.

By continuously tracking your home files and photos in a home filing management system, you can seamlessly provide details to insurance companies or to homeowners that are interested in purchasing your home when you have it up for sale.

There is no need to scramble for paperwork last minute when you can keep a detailed and organized inventory of all important information regarding your household all in one place.

Although personal belongings may go missing or become damaged in a natural disaster or robbery, tracking your assets digitally will ensure that your items can be replaced even when your physical file cabinet has been destroyed.


Benefit #3 - Refurnishing Your Home

By utilizing a home filing management system like HomeID, you can record the dimensions of rooms and furnishings, or even the color and brand of a paint color on the wall.

Now there is no need to search for a measuring tape and re-measure spaces over and over. While out shopping for new furnishings, you’ll be able to refer to the dimensions of your rooms and items while in the store, making informed purchasing decisions without having to waste time.


Benefit #4 - Storing and Accessing Contacts

Not many people write down phone numbers anymore. Most would rather store them on their contacts list on their smartphone. But what happens if you lose your phone?

Having a home filing management system such as HomeID will allow your to store all contacts relating to your home in a separate, safe and secure location so you won’t have to sort through the thousands of numbers in your contact log.

This allows you to quickly contact trustworthy contractors that have done work on your home in times of a vital home repair. Here you could track the name and type of work the contractor did, as well as how much they charged you, what they worked on, and even for how long.


Benefit #5 - Keeping on Top of Home Maintenance

HomeID helps you better keep on top of your home maintenance schedule. By inputting your schedule and associated photos and files, you will be able to keep your home in excellent condition through automated reminders.

Now you can track before and after progressions, as well as tools and materials used on each job. Maintaining a record of home repairs and regular maintenance will allow you to show proof of a secure household when dealing with insurance claims or the selling of your home.


Benefit #6 - Keeping Track of Home Improvement and Remodeling Projects

There is a lot involved when it comes to building a new patio, remodeling, or building a new home. HomeID helps you through this process by letting you store architectural plans and other important files pertaining to the building of your structure.

Keep track of the size screws that were used when going to the local home improvement store. Keep track of spending on materials and labor all in a file that can be accessed anywhere and on any device.


Benefit #7 - Recording Donated Items for Tax Time

With HomeID, you can take photos of items that you have donated and create a mass report to refer to during tax season.


Customer Reviews - Why People Love HomeID

  1. “I absolutely love HomeID! I depend on this program to keep track of all of my home expenditures. Just the other day, I went shopping with my wife for new blinds, and she reminded me to check the dimensions of our window on HomeID so we didn’t have to drive home and measure.” – Bill Ross
  1. “HomeID helps me feel re-assured that all of my assets are safe and will be replaced in case of an emergency. I also use it to help me keep track of my maintenance schedule.” – Michael Juboori


Get Organized with HomeID

There is nothing more important than feeling safe, comfortable, and in control of your own home.

With all of the “connected/smart home” technologies becoming available and competing models for how best to maintain or fix your house, we felt that a holistic approach to managing all of this complexity should be created that is entirely focused on your interests, the homeowner. 

HomeID was created to simplify and enrich the quality of everyday life by providing a fully-integrated home management system for homeowners. We wanted to provide a tool that is able to keep track of all items pertaining to the home using one powerful and convenient platform.

Get organized with HomeID, today!