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Digital Filing Systems

11-29-16 9:22 AM by HOMEID
Digital Filing Systems


The Best Digital Document Filing System for Home

What is a Digital Filing System?

In our previous blog, we spoke about the benefits of going paperless with all of your home files. Going paperless helps you get organized, increases your security, grants you access to files while on the go, makes the transferring of files easier, encourages eco-friendly habits, creates additional physical space in your home, and saves you money.

While these are substantial benefits, they cannot be truly embraced unless a convenient digital document management system is utilized for your filing needs. A digital filing system is a method of storing and organizing files via digital means, such as computer software, an Internet-based program (the “Cloud”), or a desktop computer.

Homeowners who have already taken the beginning steps to paperless organization by uploading their important files onto their home computer often wonder how to best organize all of their files. They often spend their time naming files and folders in strategic ways, creating subfolders and even title tags - all in an attempt to find the perfect recipe for organization.

HomeID takes you away from the limited file folders that your computer has to offer and provides you with digital filing system software that has been designed to provide you with the perfect solution to organizing, retrieving, and sharing your important home files. HomeID stores your files in the cloud, allowing them to be accessed via a computer or mobile device, no matter where you might be.

Complete with a user-friendly dashboard, HomeID has created a fully-integrated home management platform separated into categories, including; Spaces, Sensors, Reminders, Maintenance, Projects, and Contacts, which provides you with far more organizational flexibility than the typical digital filing system for home.

Each of these categories allows you to upload important documents, images, and notes that pertain to your home, all in an efficient and customizable format. But the best part about HomeID is that our digital home filing system is available entirely for free!

Before you get started, we recommend considering the following organizational opportunities. Thinking through each of these points will allow you to create the most efficient, flexible and convenient digital filing system imaginable.

How to Use a Digital Document Management System

Step 1 - Brainstorm What Is Most Important To You

HomeID allows you to upload all home files, photos, or notes that you deem as important. Whether you would like to keep track of your sales receipts, an inventory of your finest assets, your maintenance schedule, etc., HomeID is able to cater to your needs.

Prior to uploading your information onto the cloud, take a moment to brainstorm and understand what is most important for you to keep track of in your life. Go through all of the digital and paper files you have currently accumulated, and eliminate anything that you do not need for future reference. Now is the time to get an extra head start on your spring cleaning!

Step 2 - Acquire Any Necessary Tools

In order to take advantage of digital document storage systems, you will first need to convert all of your important physical files into digital copies. If you have not yet gone completely paperless with your files, it is likely that your information is scattered across several different locations.

Sales receipts may be warping your wallet or hiding under your car seats. Home and product warranty files may be in your filing cabinet or buried somewhere in your spam email. Product manuals may be located on that one website that you found but forgot to bookmark.

Now is the time to get all of these important files in one organized place.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to accomplish this. Once you have gone through and eliminated any files that you do not need, it is now time to start uploading your files onto HomeID. We suggest that you begin by getting your physical paper copies uploaded first. This can be done by using a scanner or camera (all of our smartphones have cameras these days!).

Sales receipts and furniture photos are easy to capture with a camera. Some important paperwork such as your home warranty information may need to be scanned to ensure that the text is legible. Product manuals are able to be found online through the manufacturer’s site.

Once all of your paper files have been digitalized, you will now want to go through all of the digital paperwork that you have saved on your phone, email, computer desktop, etc., and upload them onto HomeID in their appropriate locations. There are a number of ways to upload your files onto a digital filing system like HomeID. You can utilize some or all of the following: a computer, laptop, scanner, smartphone, or camera.

Step 3 - Be Persistent and Consistent

Don’t just snap photos and leave them in your camera roll. Don’t just throw documents onto HomeID - think about ways that make it easiest for you to retrieve and reference files and be consistent and proactive about it. Utilizing consistent file naming conventions and being as thorough and timely as you can are key factors that will encourage future organizational success.

Step 4 - Experiment with Approaches that Best Suit YOU

HomeID provides you with a unique organizational landscape. The platform acts a guide to getting you on top of organizing files, focusing on home security, and embracing a more organized and confident lifestyle.

Although HomeID acts as an organizational guide, we understand that everyone is different and responds to methods of organization differently. That is why we have embedded the possibility of customization and the ability to include as little or as much information you need to help you attain peace of mind.

Step 5 - Take Advantage of Your Resources

Digital filing systems aim to promote efficiency and convenience. Now that you have eliminated unnecessary files, digitalized your information, customized your organization to your unique needs, and committed to a consistent uploading routine, it is now time to take advantage of the resources around you and make your organizational strategy that much better.

Many retail stores these days provide you with the option to email your sales receipt. By agreeing to do this, your receipt has already been digitalized and it will make it that much easier to upload to HomeID. Just purchased a new dishwasher that came with a 100-page instruction manual? Search for it on the manufacturer’s website to easily access on HomeID later.

Get ahead of the game – upload product warranties and item info via your smartphone application even while on the go. Allow HomeID to make your life easier. Log-in the dimensions of your walls, the layout of your furniture, the paint colors of each room, etc. to be able to reference while shopping. Be creative and proactive!

Customer Reviews – Why People Love HomeID

  1. “The best part about HomeID is that it is extremely self-explanatory and easy to navigate.” – Greg Kurtch, Austin, TX
  1. “My favorite HomeID feature would have to be the maintenance feature. This allows me to keep up with a consistent schedule every year. If I plan on moving, I can also share these records and tips with the new homeowner. I would love for someone to be able to provide the same for me.” – Rick Murphy, Vista, CA

Get HomeID – (Psst, It’s Free!)

HomeID is on a mission to provide the best digital filing system available to homeowners. We are extremely passionate about getting organized and protecting investments. That is why we have created a tool that offers connected smart home technologies, home inventory and warranty tracking, maintenance and project logging, licensed contractor search and much more, all in one convenient place. Create your FREE account and get started today!