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Family Organizer Apps

04-10-17 8:26 AM by HomeID
Family Organizer Apps

HomeID - The Best App for Family Organization

Raising a family is not a simple task! Especially in this day and age when everything is so fast paced and children are growing up so rapidly. In order to make our lives easier, we must get organized and utilize the resources around us. Being a software company on a mission to provide homeowners with peace of mind, we created HomeID.

HomeID is one of the best family organization apps available on the market, as we created an interface that is not only user-friendly and able to be accessed while on the go, but it ultimately has features that cater to the organization, comfort and security of your home. The following blog will walk you through some of our key features and provide you with some examples of ways that you and your family can best benefit from this free family organization app!

Manage All of Your Home

In the age of smart phones, many of us rely on apps to keep us organized, save time, save money and make our lives easier. We have our favorite app for scheduling events, another app for saving our photos in the cloud, another one for regulating our smart home appliances and much more. But what if we told you that HomeID could be all of those things in one? The ultimate family planner app, right at your fingertips.

Home Inventory Management

HomeID began from an idea to provide a secure cloud-based interface that homeowners could utilize to manage their home inventory. Many people wonder, however, why track home inventory? There are a number of benefits to tracking one’s home inventory.

The ultimate reward to this is having a detailed track record of all of the assets in your home. Should your belongings become damaged, vandalized or stolen, you are able to effectively recall what you owned and how much it was worth when this information is needed most. Insurance companies greatly encourage homeowners to track their home inventory.

Not only does doing so make the claims process more accurate and efficient, but it also can save you money on your insurance policy. When your insurance company has a better idea as to what you own and what they are protecting, they are able to better fine tune your coverage in an effort to save you money.

Now that you know the importance of tracking your home inventory and the value that it brings, you may be wondering how exactly to go about tracking it. This is where HomeID comes in. We have created a template that makes tracking your home inventory a simple task!

Step 1:

Log on to your free HomeID account on your smart phone, tablet or computer and begin by creating individual Spaces that mirror the rooms in your home. Create a Space for each of your bedrooms, the kitchen, living room, office, etc.

Step 2:

Create Items for each of your belongings (bed, couch, oven, TV, etc.) within the Space or room they are located in your home. Don’t have a designated Space for an item? We have a solution for that! Simply save it in the ‘Item Box’ on your account!

Step 3:

As you create your Items, fill in as many fields as you can for the description section. These fields have already been created for you. Fill in the brand, purchase price, serial number, model, color, the warranty expiration date, dimensions, etc.

Step 4:

As you complete the description for each of your Items, take photos of each of your belongings using your smart phone or camera. Next, upload each photo that coincides with the designated Item.

Step 5:

Now that you have created your Spaces, created Items within each space, filled out each Item description to the best of your ability, and uploaded photos to each Item, you now have the ability to upload any other relevant paperwork you would like to each Item (manuals, warranties, receipts, etc.).

Home & Product Warranty Management

What exactly does my home warranty include? When does the warranty on my new TV expire? Where did that important one-year warranty email go? Search no further. With HomeID, we encourage you to track your home and product warranty in a number of ways. When tracking your home inventory, you can log in your warranty expiration date, warranty details and paperwork. HomeID has a calendar with built-in reminders that have the ability to alert you when one of your warranties have expired.

Connected Smart Home Technology

Smart home appliances are no longer a thing of the future. Many families these days are installing lighting, thermostats, sprinkler systems, security sensors and more that are able to be set on timers, think for themselves and even be regulated from afar via an app. With all of these different systems, however, how is one able to regulate them all at once in a convenient manner?

HomeID saw this issue and has created a technology that allows homeowners to connect their smart home appliances directly to HomeID to be regulated from one place. Homeowners are now able to not only benefit from these high-tech appliances, but now they can utilize them in an efficient manner. We are currently working with Nest and Rachio products at this time and intend to expand our breadth as popularity increases with other brands.

Home Maintenance

Maintaining your home not only ensures that the systems and components of your home remain functional and up to par, but it also helps you maintain your home warranties and heightens your home re-sale value.

HomeID has pre-populated home maintenance tips separated by the time of the year, categories (interior, exterior, HVAC, electrical, etc.), and even allows you to create your own maintenance plans that are particular to your individual home needs. Select the maintenance plans that pertain to you and populate them to the Reminders section of your HomeID account. You have the ability to add details, select a frequency, attach photos and documents and much more.

Selling your home? Show the home buyers your track record of home maintenance and even offer them your routine so that they are prepared to keep up with the up-keep of your home as soon as they move in.

Home Improvements

Renovating the bathroom? Building a new patio deck? Keep track of the paint that was used, dimensions, where you bought the equipment, etc. in the Projects section of your HomeID account. Track your expenditures and upload copies of your receipts. Sold your home? Refer to your HomeID account to be able to quantify your home improvements during tax season.

Licensed Contractor Search

Broken refrigerator? Need help building that new patio deck? HomeID has a built-in licensed contractor search function that allows you to search for experienced contractors in your area to come perform the work. Quickly inform them of the make and model of an appliance by referring to your home inventory, so they can address the issue more effectively.

Like the work they performed? Save their contact information to the contact section of your account and attach relevant details, paperwork and more to their contact card. No more searching Google in hopes of finding a reliable worker.

Selling your home? Share their contact with the new home buyers so they have a reliable contact to reach out to in the future.

Customer Reviews - Why People Love HomeID

  1. “When I saw that HomeID was free, I thought to myself, “How?”. Sure enough, it was true. Not only does it keep me organized, but it pushes me to go that extra mile with maintaining my household...” – Kayla H.

  2. “Why do I use HomeID? Because you never know what is going to happen to you. You don’t expect for your house to burn down. But it could! This is a nice safeguard.” – Lance S.

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HomeID is one of the best family apps available on the market. Your entire family can access your free account to contribute to the comfort, organization and security of your home. Raising a family is not easy, that is why HomeID is here to help! We are here to solve a problem for you. No more bouncing back and forth between your favorite organizational apps. HomeID is a fully-integrated home management app that is here to provide you with the ultimate peace of mind. Try it for free today!