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Home ID® Launches Software Solution Designed to Provide Both Comfort and Security

09-16-16 10:57 AM by HomeID

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA (September 16, 2016) – HomeID® announced today the release of  their web-based home management software solution; combining home inventory and warranty management, connected smart home and home maintenance contractor search all-in-one.

“HomeID has helped me track my entire inventory and file an insurance claim without searching through all my receipts and statements.” – Chris S., HomeID User

HomeID is committed to superior quality, usability and value. Their mission is to provide people solutions that enhance the quality of everyday life through a complete home management platform. The idea was formed from the need of having one place to keep track of all home-related items; including storing paperwork, finding contractors and managing connected devices. After searching everywhere with no success for a complete solution, the team decided to build it themselves.

“There is nothing more important than feeling safe, comfortable, and in control of your own home. With all of the “connected/smart home” technologies becoming available and competing models for how best to maintain or fix your house, we felt that a holistic approach to managing all of this complexity should be created that is entirely focused on your interests, the homeowner.  HomeID was created to simplify and enrich the quality of everyday life by providing a fully-integrated home management system for homeowners. We wanted to provide a tool that is able to keep track of all items pertaining to the home using one powerful and convenient platform.” – Brian Kramer, CEO & Co-Creator


The proprietary platform design is a safe and secure cloud-based storage of all home information.  The web-based app also makes it easy for people to access on the go. Utilizing HomeID will allow homeowners to keep track of all of their home investments. Should there be a case of a loss or emergency, the organizational nature of the platform will aid in adhering to the stringent requirements of insurance companies if there is ever a need to make a claim.

For more information on the launch of HomeID, or to get more information regarding this home management platform, please send an email to [email protected].